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Along with the Gods : The Afterworld

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Along with the Gods : The Afterworld

About the Production

Along with the Gods : The Afterworld is a musical adaptation of the webtoon with the same title which was also made into a hugely popular film adaptation under the title of Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds. The musical version of Along with the Gods : The Afterworld is a faithful adaptation of the webtoon whose story begins with Ja-hong Kim, an average working man who has recently died. He meets his lawyer, Gi-han Jin, a public defender in hell, and they must pass through the seven circles of hell within forty-nine days. And the story also introduces Gang-rim and the guardians of hell who try to help a soul that has turned evil due to a grudge left unresolved in his life. With a simple, straightforward theme – when you sin, you’ll be punished – the production brought a theatrical version of the netherworld using stage designs with LED lights and the music and dance that enriched the theater experience. Premiered in 2015 by the Seoul Performing Arts Company, the production was a box office hit with every performance that was sold out.


Produced by Seoul Performing Arts Company

Based on 'Along with the Gods' by Ho-min Joo

Written by Young Jung

Music by Sung-il Park

Directed by Dong-yeon Kim


With the characters straight out of the webtoon, the musical brings the webtoon graphics alive on stage with the innovative stage design and choreography.

– The Hankyoreh


Due to the scale of the world the original work depicts, there were concerns to whether it would be possible to present this to on stage; however, SPAC made you forget that you ever doubted their ability. The audience couldn’t help but be awed watching the scene in which the messengers of hell move from different worlds or action scenes come alive with the LED screen.

– Korea Business News