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Shooting at the Moon, Yun Dong-ju.

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Shooting at the Moon, Yun Dong-ju.

About the Production

Shooting at the Moon, Yun Dong-ju chronicles the life of poet Dong-ju Yun and celebrates his poetry. He lived and wrote his poems during a turbulent and tragic time in Korean history, but his spirit lives on in his poems. The story begins with the time he spent at Yonhi College, the time when he was most free and was surrounded by friends, and it introduces the most celebrated poems written by him and how he lost his life to the brutality of the time. The production highlights his inner struggles as he copes with the bleak reality of his beloved country, and instead of singing his poems, they are recited onstage to deliver to the audience the moving and inspiring words of his poems as they are. It has been now almost one hundred years since his poems were first published, but the poems that Dong-ju etched out of his own time and youth still move the hearts of their readers, leaving behind them an indelible mark on everyone.


Produced by Seoul Performing Arts Company

Written by A-reum Han

Music and Arrangement by Sang-jun Oh

Directed by Ho-sung Kwon


The performance which is like a sad and yet heart achingly beautiful poem.”

- Yonhap News



“ This performance with the lyrical music as the central theme makes one come back to the theater with more expectations.”

- Chosun Daily