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Shim Deok-chul, a 76-year-old retired postman, spends his twilight years in peace and quiet. After attending his friend’s funeral, he decides to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Despite fierce opposition from his family, he joins a ballet company. There, he meets a 23-year-old ballet dancer named Lee Chae-rok, who has a bright future ahead of him but currently struggles with injuries and hardships of life. Chae-rok eventually agrees to teach Deok-chul ballet. As it turns out, the young man is not as temperamental as he appears to be, and Deok-chul gets to experience ballet properly. They come to understand each other and strike up unlikely friendship. One day, Chae-rok stumbles upon Deok-chul’s notebook and finds out that he has dementia.


Afterwards, Chae-rok does everything he can to help Deok-chul fulfil his dream. Along the way, Chae-rok’s passion for ballet is reignited. Deok-chul’s family begin to support his dream. However, his deteriorating condition means Deok-chul often forgets movements after only a day, and even his muscles become stiffer. In a fit of temper, Chae-rok tells Deok-chul to quit ballet and seek medical treatment first. On his way back home, Deok-chul collapses on the street and loses his memory.